About me

Name: Stefan Karg
Year of Birth: 1990


  • Abitur 2009 at Gymnasium Weingarten
  • currently studying Computer Science Master at Ulm University.


  • SMSBackup & SMSBackup Pro: Android-apps to backup the messages on your phone. Available in the Google-Play-Store.
  • Ambiance Light: Android-App for creating a relaxed atmosphere. Available in the Google-Play-Store.
  • imgsort: A program to automatically sort images into folders:
  • stefCMS: A small CMS.
  • stefTracker: A system to track users on a webpage to see how long they stay and which ways they are taking.
  • Development of a device for checking coins for authenticity with a fellow (supported by school – for „Jugend forscht“)
  • Implementation and maintenance of some websites

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