BibTeX: en_plaindin.bst

What is en_plaindin.bst?

For creating a bibliography according to the German citation rules defined in DIN 1505 Part 2, the BibTeX style „plaindin.bst“ exists. The file is available in the CTAN archive.

Unfortunately, this style is not suitable for publications written in English, since it contains some German words, e.g. „Hrsg.“ for „eds.“ .

Therefore, I created a translated version of the plaindin-style, which provides the same structure of the entries but does not use German language.


The style is called en_plaindin.bst.

The style file can be downloaded here: Download.

How to use en_plaindin.bst

  1. Copy the downloaded file to the folder of your LaTeX-project.
  2. Put the following command into your tex-file before you create the bibliography:



This file comes without any warranty. Please take care, that the generated bibliography is free of errors and conforming the style you need for your usecase. I do not garantuee, that the generated bibliographies comply to the DIN norm.

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